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Amerpoint Factory
Started as one's talented Russian engineer passion, the smallest world's Colibri Stone became famous among the true admires not only in Russia but also in Europe and Asia. Our first Colibri has entered the market in 2013 and we release our new products here in 2021.

Welcome to the official AMERPOINT manufactory's online-store. All our devices are handmade and sold directly from the factory, that's why we guarantee the best prices and only original quality.

Also, we provide special prices for our wholesale dealers. Let us know if you are interested in more than personal purchase
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All prices in the web-store are presented in local currency — Russian rubles. While paying for your order, you will be charged in your currency equivalent of the price in rubles. 1 EUR = 88 rubles, 1 USD = 75 rubles, 100 JPY = 70 rubles.
All prices in the web-store are presented in local currency — Russian rubles. While paying for your order, you will be charged in your currency equivalent of the price in rubles. 1 EUR = 72 rubles, 1 USD = 64 rubles, 100 JPY = 59 rubles.

Svapo di Guancia, Nectar Gland Tank and Colibri Stone 18650 (Italia)
AKIRAチャンネル, Nectar RDTA V4 (日本)
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You ask, we answer
How does your delivery work during COVID-19?
Russian delivery operators (Russian Post and EMS Russian Post) work normally and all the orders leave Russia in their nearly usual time. All further delivery conditions after depend on your local post abilities, as we have no impact on services abroad Russia. Now it's much better.
How do I know that you got my order listed?
Right after the order made/paid, you will be informed with auto email to confirm your order details (please, check your spam folder as well). Then, after a day or two, we send another email with a track-number.

to your contact list, otherwise the track notification goes to Spam or Other folder.
How long does delivery from Russia usually take?
It's about 3-5 days for the orders to leave Russia after all customs office procedures. Then it all depends on your countries' postal terms. Normally it takes 10-14 days for Europe and 21-25 days for USA and Australia.
My tracking hasn't updated for the last 10 days when it says it left Russia. Is this normal?
We are not responsible for delivery service, there is only some experience to share. Delivery to USA and Australia from Russia never takes less than 3 weeks and almost never it is available for tracking after export from Russia.

1) just wait. Parcels go with aero and sea transport, or both, with transit countries sometimes, and it takes time. 2) give a call to your local post office and ask them about your track-number. Usually they know better than online track-service. Not all countries' delivery updates are accurate, many parcels come to addresses with no notifications shown.
Is your new chip (board) is easy to break?
As it has reverse polarity protection since 2019, which (the reverse polarity) used to be a quite popular problem for chip (board), it is not so easy to break now than before. But it still can be broken after liquid contact as it is NOT waterproof.

Too strong push of the chip to a battery also may cause a damage. In other words, the chip works perfect in hands of experienced user.

All our boards have 1 year guarantee. If it was damaged within a year of proper use, please, contact us for exchange.
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