Colibri 18350 New Colors

Enjoy the special colour limited edition from Amerpoint Factory in your favorite size: 18350 is here! It's not only authentic design but also the unforgettable texture of deep engraving that feels like velvet in hands. Golden Chameleon engraving and matte silver surface change color of the device in different lightning from golden white to almost black. The surface temperature during engraving reaches 900 degrees C. No etching, chemicals or electrolysis. Steel and plasma only. The engraving quality has lifetime guarantee.

NEW COLORS Black Mirror and Blue Pearl available.

The Mechanical Colibri Stone with electronic board takes maximum power from the battery with no harm to button. Also, the board has special overdischarging and reverse polarity protection. For 18350 battery. The price is for battery tube only.

Diameter: 22 mm
Height: 47mm
Weight: 36 gr
Material: stainless steel
Price: €128
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